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Many Tiny Sea Shells Ring


Contemporary British Silver Ring

 Delicate tiny British sea shells in a ring!


• A tiny mesmerising rock pool ring! These natural beauties bring back happy seaside holiday childhood memories 

 • Several different types of British sea shell have been expertly interwoven and designed and into a unique miniature seaside landscape. A completely unique ring

Real, natural and gorgeous, these shells have all been hand collected by Emma on her many beach cleans and walks

A striped limpet shell, tiny cowrie shell, brown sea glass, carnelian gemstone and the ruggedly grooved ‘sting winkle’ combine to make an unforgettable statement ring

•The ring is fully adjustable and one size fits all. The width of the band is 1cm and the finish of the metal is silver plated zinc alloy, nickel and lead free. We include an anti tarnish strip with every purchase to keep your product looking great. See our tips for looking after your jewellery.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 2.7 × 1.2 × 03-0.4 cm


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