Signature Sea Glass Jewellery Collection

The original design of the sea glass ‘wow’ ring was the catalyst  for the evolution of Emma’s  jewellery business. The signature sea glass jewellery collection shows the very essence of her design style. Simple, elegant and like nothing you’ve seen before.

Emma’s passion for finding sea glass started in childhood and its natural beauty still draws her. The jewellery in her signature collection is made from personally found and hand-collected sea glass. 

Sea glass is a piece of broken glass that has found its way into the sea. It is tumbled by wave action with sand, shingle and rocks for 30 years or more . This natural and relentless ocean process transforms the broken shard into a smoothed, frosted and uniquely shaped gem. True, authentic sea glass will always have an uneven shape, texture and frost like quality. Each piece gives up its own unique history and beauty. The subtle variety of sea glass colours can be dated, giving us a unique window into its past and moment of origination.

The endless shades of green, white, amber browns and rare blue sea glass provide infinite colour choices and design combinations.

All of the sea glass jewellery pieces are truly unique, created by nature, and make stunning and timeless treasures. 

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