Sea Plastics Jewellery Planet Collection

The Sea Plastics Jewellery Planet Collection is made using hand collected sea plastics, designed into stunning recycled jewellery pieces. Our Planet Collection reinforces commitment to highlighting the global plastic pollution crisis.

We beach clean, collecting rubbish, plastics, litter debris and arrange its safe disposal. Also, we collect the tiniest, easily ingested pieces of harmful broken plastic called micro plastics. Once cleaned, we recycle them into unique, luxury recycled jewellery. 

The visually eye-catching and bold designs in our ocean plastic jewellery collection are intentionally fearless and daring. They capture the brand essence and style, we want people to notice our statement jewellery. We aim encourage more people to give their active support, ingenuity and attention to the plastics issue.. The jewellery aims to inform and stimulate the question its origin.

 New innovative solutions need to be prioritised, ridding the world of these dangerous manmade pollutants. Our planet and its wildlife needs active protection now, in order to flourish and thrive for future generations.

We will give 10% of all sales from the Sea Plastics Jewellery Planet Collection to a marine conservation charity. The donation pot is filling quickly and we thank you for your support in the fight against plastic pollution. 

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