Jewellery : Care & Sizing


Most of our jewellery metal settings are made from a silver plated base metal, lead, cadmium and nickel free. This finish is commonly used in ‘fashion jewellery’ across the industry mainly for cost purposes. Over time, lifestyle and wear contribute to this layer on all such jewellery naturally slowly wearing. We include an anti tarnish strip with every purchase to keep your product looking great .    

• We recommend :

• Avoid prolonged contact with water, hand washing is fine, ensure good drying after however remove jewellery before showering or bathing. Water exposure can wear plating and may cause tarnishing or discolouration. 

• Some body lotions and cosmetic products can affect the appearance of your jewellery. Ensure beauty products are completely dry on the skin before wearing your jewellery.

• Avoid dropping your jewellery on hard surfaces, as they contain delicate and fragile components. We cannot be held responsible for jewellery damaged in this way.

• Chains and pendant fittings are generally silver plated. Over time, lifestyle and wear naturally contribute to this layer on all such jewellery slowly wearing away.

• Jewellery pieces are not solid gold or silver unless marked 

• Remove jewellery before heavy working.

• To keep your items looking great, we recommend keeping them away from moisture and wrapping your jewellery pieces separately to prevent scuffing or blemishing. 

Size chart for necklaces

Please use our [size chart tba  *] to confirm the necklace length required and to prevent errors in ordering. For hygiene reasons, we are unable to replace any necklace chains/leather or any such material ordered in the incorrect length.

* In the interim, we advise measuring the total length of any of your favourite chains that you may have to assist in your selection.


Please note that all rings are fully adjustable and one size fits all. The wide bands give complete comfort for wear.