Our jewellery is individually designed and made by Emma Burton.

We are thrilled that everyone who wears our jewellery knows that they are wearing a unique and exclusive item.


and wear every day or for any special occasion. 


Having attained a degree, in Landscape Architecture, BA(Hons)DipLA, Emma has worked professionally in private practice for many years combining her passion for nature and landscape with her innate love of art and design.

She also studied silversmithing and enamelling  at the Bristol School of Art under the tutelage of award winning contemporary jewellery designer, Jessica Turrell.

      Her architectural talent and design skill allow her to combine organic shape within strong line creating a simple and dramatic style of unique jewellery 

Authenticity and wearability are important considerations in the design of all her pieces. Emma’s design style reflects her daring spirit and quirky approach leading to the creation of a dynamic and unusual jewellery collection.

The jewellery designs use sea glass, seashells and plastic pieces all individually hand collected by her.

She is particularly proud of her ‘Sea Plastics Jewellery Planet Collection’ which is borne out of her keen environmental concern for the state of our planet. Driven by her desire to be proactive in physically reducing the amount of marine plastic and debris in our ocean environment, she regularly carries out ‘beach cleans.’ 

    So far, the response to Emma’s jewellery has been tremendous which encourages creation of more dazzling and daring pieces for you to enjoy.

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 • Help save our seas and marine wildlife by ridding plastic from our oceans and environment 

• Every time I go out to collect sea glass or take a walk, I pick up the plastic litter and rubbish I find.

• I collect the tinier most harmful more swallowable plastic pieces and clean and transform them into wearable jewellery designs. I hope that by wearing something from my ‘Planet Collection’ we help to raise awareness and continue to encourage more people to get involved with this vital cause and support all those trying to make a difference. Either way, the rubbish is removed to a safer place and far away from our precious wildlife. 

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